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Hi all, Juliana here!  (Some of you know me as "thedancingj" from my personal blog.  Some of you know me as Juliana from life.  Some of you know me as both!)  I'll be posting to this blog periodically throughout the challenge, along with themissus, bikramyogachick, and possibly others.

I'm really excited for this little project of ours, which seems to be picking up momentum already.  I can't wait to re-dedicate myself to my personal practice in the coming year (which has very special meaning for me, as it's the year when I'm finally going to teacher training), and I can't wait to share the experience with all of you!  Group challenges are great; I feel like they bring our community together in the best way.  The more the merrier, so please don't be shy... don't fright, don't scare.  Just jump on in.  As they say in my favorite Smash Mouth song - yes, I listen to Smash Mouth - "The ice we skate is getting pretty thin/ The water's getting warm, so you might as well swim/ My world's on fire!  How 'bout yours?/ That's the way I like it and I'll never get bored..."

In honor of everyone's upcoming daily practice, I entertained myself by writing up this little to-do list.  (It's also posted under the profile of our Facebook page.)  Here are just some of the things that we will be doing next year:

Practicing 101 classes in 101 days.


Opening the lungs.

Creating a tremendous stretching sensation, all over, inside out, bones to skin, fingertips to toes.

Looking like a Japanese ham sandwich from the side.

Bending the total spine backward bending.

Concentrating and meditating.

Twisting like ropes.

Using Bengal Tiger strength and English Bulldog determination.

Kicking and stretching equally and simultaneously.

Looking like a capital T as in Tom (not a broken umbrella!)

Rolling forward like a wheel.

Creating a perfect marriage between the heart and lungs.

Compressing the thyroid.

Creating natural human traction.

Relaxing completely.

Getting the total spine flat on the floor (eventually in the future.)

Having one leg, like a cobra. (Wait a sec...)

Kissing the towel.

Lifting up like a 747 taking off.

Looking like two wheels in one base.

Sitting Japanese style.

Getting more relaxation in 30 seconds than in 8 hours sleep.

Creating 360 degree angle backward bending for gravitation.

Feeling the spine stretching from coccyx to neck

Creating pressure with the left foot sole against the right leg bicep of the thigh muscle.

Touching the forehead to the toes.

Twisting like a pearl necklace.

And most importantly of all....
Last but not least...
If I had to pick just ONE thing...


That's my to-do list for the moment.  What's on your list?


Lizzy said...

My favorite is 'stand up on your toes - maximum - like a ballerina' I love the Facebook page. I am now a FAN!

Rebekah said...

Hahah...I love "Having one leg, like a cobra." It drives me so, so crazy when they don't say "like a cobra TAIL." I will also be "opening my chest like a flower petal blooming" and "thinking very deeply about my standing knee."

I'd really like to join this challenge, but I've only ever done a 30 day. Is it too much to go from 30 days to 101 days? I can't decide if I should try to do a 60 day first, or just commit to the 101. Maybe I should join and start a blog! I've been wanting to anyway. I guess I have a few weeks to decide.

aHappyYogi said...

I will be expoloring myself, everyday. I am looking so forward to it.

~Rebekah, I have only done one 30 day before and doing another one right now, why do a 60 day when you can do a 101 day right a way? :-)

Big G said...

I will have NO knee:)

lz said...

Thanks for posting this! I enjoy these little phrases in the dialogue. I will focus on the backward bending: fall back, way back, more back... :)

thedancingj said...

I love all of yours! I would quote every line in the dialogue if I could.

Rebekah, that cobra bit is too funny. Dialogue says "one leg like a cobra," but Bikram's noticed that this doesn't quite make sense. Now he'll say in class, "how many legs does a cobra has?" and when we all, out of habit, say "ONE LEG," he says, "NO, it has NO LEGS, you IDIOTS!!"

(I'm onto him now, though - "NO LEGS, BOSS!!")

J :-D

bikramyogachick said...

Well I know who's going to win the "dialog award" in the spring 2010 bikram teacher training! :)=

Johan said...

I loved this post, for some reason I seem to be obsessing with the dialogue at the moment. Good luck with the challenge.

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