DAY 100: Write Your Script.

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This is my last post in the challenge.

Tomorrow is the final day in the Bikram 101 Challenge. And we are going to be honored with a wonderful final post from a very inspirational yogini. (Enough pressure for you J?!?!)

But I wanted to collect my thoughts for one last post, in hopes that it will provide some inspiration to all of you who are thinking about doing a yoga challenge. So here are my thoughts...
  • The biggest step you take each day of the challenge is simply just getting to class. Once you get to class, the rest of the script writes itself.
  • Never be hard on yourself because you aren't progressing in a pose at a rate you think you should be. This is a LIFETIME PRACTICE. For some of us, Standing Head to Knee pose will take a LIFETIME.
  • It is possible to hold down a full time executive job, maintain a household, spend time with a significant other AND practice regularly. It's all mental.
  • A daily practice keeps you healthy. I practice Bikram yoga to heal my body from all the damage I have done to it, and all the damage I still do to it.
I think the biggest thing that I am taking away from this challenge is how important it is to be fearless and continue to push myself. We each have the ability create our paths and write the script of our lives. But we often hold back, waiting for signs from The Universe. But that is silly. We create our destiny. We choose to show up or not show up for a Bikram class each day and complete the challenge.

Did I do 101 DAYS of Bikram yoga? In reality, no. I will have done 101 Bikram yoga classes IN 101 days. But did I go to class every single day? Nope. There were things I chose to prioritize over yoga some days... Like getting two root canals on two different days... Traveling for work... Needing to sleep because of an overloaded work schedule. But I made up for it by pulling doubles. And I finished the challenge I set up for myself.

This wasn't easy. There were days where I didn't think I would make it through Pranayama. But I pushed through and found the energy. I wrote a mental script in those moments to finish the class. It was uncomfortable, but I did it. And as a Bikram teacher reminded me this week...

"Life begins outside your comfort zone."

It really, truly does.

Some of you may know that I now plan on going to Bikram Yoga Teacher Training this Fall. I have been toying with the idea of going for a few years. But I kept telling myself, "Oh, if I'm really meant to go, I'll receive a sign."

I realize now, though, that I was waiting for myself to give me permission. I didn't think I could be a teacher. That even though I love this yoga, I didn't have what it takes to be a good teacher. But now that I have completed this challenge, I realize that it is time. I am ready.
  • I know I can handle two yoga classes in one day.
  • I look forward to spending time in a hot room each day.
  • I want to teach others how to heal their bodies the same way I have learned.
  • I know the world does not end just because I still struggle with Standing Head to Knee. (Besides, my Standing Bow pose kicks a lot of ass now.)
  • I have what it takes because I know what it is truly like to struggle and grow in this yoga.
It's been wonderful sharing this journey with you all. We've had some amazing guest posters share their stories and thoughts with us throughout this challenge. I hope you all found this to be insightful and educational.

I'm off to go study some dialogue now. I have 23 weeks to learn 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises from a script, verbatim.

It's the one script I can't write.


aHappyYogi said...

I hope to meet you in the fall. I just have to know that I can get the time off from my work before I make the final descision and my boss is on vacation next week.

You are so right in that we write our own scripts.

Yolk E said...

Wow. What a beautiful post, Missus :-) Congratulations to you all on finishing, and thank you for maintaining this lovely blog. I drew much inspiration from it.
Of course, I look forward to J's post, but I understand you've been instrumental in writing this, so thank you.

Lady Yogaga said...

great capstone post! so psyched for you to go to TT this fall!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for such a wonderful inspiring post. Good luck with the teacher training.

olga said...

I am on day 76+++ and just posted this blog--What's In Your Heart? [Part 2] | Coach Olga
on the blogsite.

Read this to learn how to stay centered, balanced & prepared to handle all of life's surprises. FOLLOW US!

I want to hear your thoughts! Have a wonderful week!

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