Day 93: I WIsh...

Author: Heather Molina /

Over the past 93 days of practicing this yoga... I have begun to pay attention to my body and the role each limb plays in helping me execute my poses. And as a result, I have some bodily short-comings.

I find myself wishing:
  • That I had longer arms. Longer arms to make picking up and holding my foot in Standing Head to Knee much easier. In order to get into those pose, I have to lift my knee up, bend over with my fingers inter-locked, grab my foot with my knee sticking out beyond my elbow, THEN maneuver my knee under my chest.
  • That I had flatter feet. I have very pretty feet. But I have high arches. And balancing on feet with high arches is tough! I wobble like mad when I try to balance on what I have touching the floor: heel, ball, toes and one side of my foot. I tend to lean right or left, depending on which way I am trying to correct my balancing. But if I had FLAT FEET, like many people I have seen in class, balancing would be so much easier. More foot on the ground equal more stability.
  • That I had larger feet. I have small feet, given then length of my legs. And whenever I try to push my hips forward in poses, I have the potential to fall forward because I don't have enough foot-coverage for my leg height. (Though, I have worked really hard to keep my weight back in my heels to help combat this! The dialogue is GENIUS!)
  • That I had shorter legs. I've mentioned it before, I know. But I do wish I was longer-torso-ed and shorter-legged. It would make grabbing those feet much easier!
Now... I won't be completely negative in this post, only listing things I feel I lack. Here's my list of things I am grateful for...
  • That I've developed the patience to recognize that all the things I wish I had are what keeps this yoga challenging for me each day.


micheloquent said...

yet again! Are you sure you are not in my head? lol I am not tall but long limbed and in standing head to knee I wish for longer arms as well(or less gut, I'll take either lol..I actually grab under the foot now, no more cheating knee grabbing) I also have extremely narrow high arched feet. Pretty to look at in heels but very hard to balance on! I find myself fascinated with wide flat feet too! I refer to them as Fred Flintstone feet.

traumatizing buster brown childhood memory sidebar: shoe salesman telling me that he wants to cut open my ankles and feed my feet scrambled eggs and bacon to plump 'em up.
Ps I should be writing my blog

aHappyYogi said...

Be happy that you're not flat feeted! I am and have small feet. Locking the knees make them have to work to have a higher arch and I can asure you that it hurts when they move. And then every once in a while when the arch moves a tiny bit it is time to rebalance all the balancing poses again.

Balancing on a flat foot is not easier, as you get the instability with the bones in the ankle joint connect at a different angle than optimal.

I so wish that I had a higher arch in my feet and that my legs where more straight so I wouldn't need any (for me) new teachers tell me to get my feet touching in situps and the last stretching pose. In all the standing it works now as the legs has improved. When I started I had to have one knee slightly infront of the other just to keep my heels and toes touching.

We all wish things about our body.
It's a good thing we can do yoga to improve our bodies to become more straight.

Johan said...

"I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller [...] I wish I had a rabbit in a hat"

The Missus said...

LOL! Johan! That song was stuck in my head all last week! I got it out this week, and now it's back in there!!!

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