DAY 94: Yoga Math.

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Bikram yoga really isn't that expensive.

At the studio I practice at here in Toronto, a single class of Bikram yoga costs $17. If you multiply that times the 101 days I have been practicing, you get $1,717.

Now, if I chose to purchase a 3-month unlimited package ($400) and an extra 1-month unlimited package ($150) - which would get me through the 101 day challenge, it would be $550. Divide that by 101, and it averages out to $5.44 a class.

Not bad. Not bad at all. If you plan on stopping relatively soon after the challenge.

I could have gone with a 6-month unlimited package, which would have ran me $700, covered the entire length of the challenge, and allowed me to easily move into a few months of practicing the five days a week that I want to be practicing here on out. If I divided the cost of this package by the 101, I'd be paying just under $7 for each class.

Again, not bad.

But I chose to buy an annual package on January 1st, the day the challenge started. This cost me $1300. And I get to practice all year. As many times as I want. The cost of this package during the 101 days ran me about $13 a class.

Then, once you factor in the four to five days a week I will be practicing for the rest of the year, it averages out to about $5 a class.

Definitely the most economical solution, for my pocket book, was to go with the 1 year unlimited pass. Much better than paying for each class on it's own. And much better than having to buy passes over and over again. The only way this could have been more cost-effective is if I was a work-study student.

For the low-low price of $5 a class, I am healing my body in incredible ways.

I think it's very much worth the price.


jenniferkwarren said...

Like it! Your last two lines kind of reminded me of a couple of students I just taught. Their first class was 3 days ago (I taught). They are a married couple, celebrating their anniversary - the Oprah article brought them in. They both had some major challenges, but both tried, struggled through, and returned the next day. I taught that class as well. After class I smiled, congratulated them (and here's my point, finally), and said "So, you'll be back tomorrow?" Her reply: "Well, we are Sabbath observers - so we don't work on that day ...." (then I could tell the light bulb went on) "...but I guess we could make an exception for saving our lives." I smiled (almost cried) and simply replied "GOOD!"

Yolk E said...

Whoa. Jennifer, what a great story.

I'm glad you brought up the money thing! It's cool you've found a way for it to be affordable. I'd like to say that yoga is for *everybody*, but most yoga classes have a rep for being soley for "trust-funders"... for many, $5 is a lot of money, and for people that work two jobs and have families, ay. I sympathize--I think I have it rough sometimes! I just hope there's a way for everyone to get what they need :-)

The Missus said...

We have a "community class" at our studio here in Toronto, on Friday nights. It's a minimum $5 donation... And that way people can get in at least once a week to practice, even if they can't afford it regularly.

hannahjustbreathe said...

I have mixed feelings about the cost of yoga. I mean, of course, I agree with you---when you pay for the annual membership, you definitely reap the most financial benefits. But, still...$1,300 up front is A LOT of money for some people. Hell, probably for most people.

I understand the expense (the heaters, the carpet, the rent, the towels, the teachers). But, I also recognize that yoga is a luxury. And that seems so unfortunate---that more people simply can't afford to participate, you know?

Anonymous said...

There are a couple of ways to look at it, I think. $5 is what lots of people spend on coffees every work day - they spend even more if they eat lunch out every day. And LOTS of people do that.
On the other hand, our yoga is not cheap for those who truly are living hand to mouth. It is my hope that they can do some yoga somewhere, even at a community centre or at home in order to receive some benefit.
Don't get me wrong, I love Bikram and I wouldn't trade it away, however I think something is better than nothing. In reality, it is not necessary to do it the way we do. After all, yoga, at it's core, on it's own, is not expensive. It's an investment in you.

The Missus said...

I agree Lynx! If I had to choose between $5 a day on yoga, and $5 a day on Starbucks, I would definitely choose the yoga... As it is doing something good for me.

And to be honest, when I start my day with a Bikram class, I don't even need coffee.

thedancingj said...

HOORAY for workstudy programs - I haven't paid for a yoga membership in years. If you want it - scratch that, if you NEED it - in your life, the door will open somewhere.

Michelle Marie said...

Love all the math! When I am mentally at my limit during a class, and think I might actually leave the room, sometimes I do math in my head until I can calm down and get control of my breath. Works for me! :)

When I paid for my annual membership at Bikram Charleston ($1400) last November I was nervous about such a large investment and commitment.

Now, 5 months later, I feel like I have gone to so many classes (and taken so many showers there) that now I feel guilty, like I am ripping the place off. I joke by the end of my membership I'll be at like $1.50 a class.

So I recruit people in the community to try Bikram Yoga. Also, I try to encourage the new students to hang in there and keep coming back. I just tell them all my story, and it seems to inspire people. I'm even convincing friends and family in other states to try it.

I love it when our studio has workstudies! The room is always so clean and fresh for class! I always notice and appreciate their energy. It effects my practice. I think it effects the whole class in a positive way.

catherine said...

I started a work-study program at a studio (after 2 years away from practicing at a studio) and am SO thankful, and not just because it has made practicing affordable. Even more than that, I am grateful that cleaning mirrors and washing towels has given me the opportunity to be part of a living, breathing community. The studio I'm at now has a donation-based class on Saturdays, $10. That's what got my boyfriend and me in their door in the first place. :)

catherine said...
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