DAY 32: The "Crazy" Second 30.

Author: Heather Molina /

We're done with the first 30 days. Hallelujah! We're almost a third of the way through the challenge. I don't know about you all, but I feel weird if I skip a day (though I double up another day).

In the past 32 days, my body has gotten used to the hot room on a daily basis. And that was expected. Because according to Mary Jarvis, the first 30 days is about adjusting. And now that we're in the second set of 30 days, this is where we get to experience the "emotional" piece of the challenge.

Yippee! (Sarcasm)

I don't know about you all... But I've already started experiencing the emotional stuff. In fact, in class 27 (last week), I found myself BAWLING in the floor series. Not because I was in pain. But because I was suddenly sad. I don't know why... But my body wanted me to cry. So I did. And I have been a bit moody lately too. No one is bothering... No one has said or done anything to me... I will just be easily irritated.

This is unusual for me. And I am guessing it is part of the Bikram 101 process. It's part of what we get to experience.

This is gonna be a crazy next few weeks!


aHappyYogi said...

Bring on the crazyness!

Yolk E said...

I sympathize! I cry in class occasionally. Was it the spine-strengthening series or camel that got you going? I used to do Ashtanga, and my teacher would talk about how backbends are emotionally trying postures. We're not used to them, physically, the body is exposed, they get the blood flowing really fast. Sometimes in standing backward bend or camel I feel like I'm going to be eviscerated! It's all the mind just freakin' out, though.

Good for sticking with it! I see that kinda stuff as wringing out the emotional sponge--get the nasty stuff out so you can absorb lots of goodness!

The Missus said...

SPINE-STRENGTHENING! That's what makes me cry every time.

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