DAY 34: What to expect when you're expecting

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Everybody has heard of that book right? If you are pregnant with your first baby, that's the book to read! We may not be pregnant, but we are certainly gestating for 101 days, only to "give birth" to our new selves at the end! We are in the process of changing, rebuilding, restructuring, realigning.
The first 30 days we were working on our physical bodies. Getting our bodies used to working these muscles everyday. Stretching, flexing, holding and tightening. Breathing, getting the heart rate down, adjusting to the heat day after day and building up the habit of simply getting there everyday. Now in this second month of the challenge we settle into the next "phase". Here is a reminder of what senior Bikram teacher Mary Jarvis wrote about what we can all "expect":

Day 31-60, we start to get into the emotional "stuff". As in the first 30 days, where we re-adjust the entire physical body, the next 30 days we re-adjust the entire emotional body while simultaneously regenerating and rebuilding every single cell in the body. We also begin to get into some serious realignment of the spine and the entire central nervous system. These next 30 days, you really begin to feel mentally fatigued, even in spite of the fact that you physically feel better than you ever have in your entire life!!!! This is the emotional readjustment.

So it's OK if you cry. And it doesn't even have to be after Camel. Let it out!


The Missus said...

Thank God! Definitely emotional!

Anny said...

How inspirational :)

lynxofsilver said...

Hmm, another reason for my distracted, drifting state of mind...

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