Day 44: Double Up

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As we approach day 50, many of us have hit some snags. A few of us have some catching up to do. I read an interesting article on "Oh My Bikram" blog regarding the whole concept of a challenge. A long thread of arguing yogi's ensued on this topic. You have your purists who insist a challenge must be everyday, no makeups allowed. Then you have the others who say it's 30 classes in 30 days (or in our case, 101 classes in 101 days). Click on the link and read the arguments for both sides. It's pretty interesting. My thought is this: before you embark on your challenge decide which one you are going to do. Will you attempt to go everyday and literally start over if you miss, or will you do the one that allows for doubles to catch up? Pick the one that resonates with you and stick to it. After all, you are doing this for yourself and not to prove anything or receive some sort of award. The reward we all will get is the amazing sense of accomplishment when we are through.

So for those of you that have some catching up to do, embrace those "double" days and approach them with the attitude of "what will this double day teach me?" My teachers always tell me "you are so much stronger than you think you are". So do a back to back, split it up, do what works for you. I personally did one today and I split it up. It worked so much better for me. I also doubled up on my electrolytes, added 2 extra liters of water into my normal routine and made sure to eat well.
You are all doing great! We will be hitting the halfway mark soon!

Bikramyogachick is a coauthor of the Bikram 101 blog along with The Missus and Dancing J. She knows she owes you guys her bio, as she is still somewhat behind the curtain. She promises to have it ready for her post next Saturday.....


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