DAY 35: Yoga on the Brain

Author: KT /

WOW!!! It's DAY 35!
We are more than 1/3 of the way there!

One question:
Does anyone else have 'yoga on the brain'?

Each and every one of us can see, feel and understand the benefits of our practice...but do you find yourself wanting to cure the world with Bikram yoga, one person at a time?

I hear a friend sneeze and complain about her allergies.
She should really come with me to yoga.

I know just the cure.

Not sleeping well, distracted, inflexible, feeling weak both physically & mentally?
There's a class at noon.

Like anything worthwhile, each unique individual must be mentally ready to change their life, improve their life. The opportunity is there, but one must have the courage, tenacity and desire to take it. And, I am a true believer in everyone making their own choices, on their own timeline.

No convincing. No pressure. No guilt trips.

So, when my friends make comments about how I have so much positive energy, how peaceful I seem, how cute my "yoga butt" looks in those jeans...I just smile & gently remind them that I would love for them to join me in the hot room anytime!


Sisya said...

So true--it's hard to NOT want to cure the world with yoga. Bikram Yoga is a little bit like 12 step groups: "Attraction, not Promotion" is what works best to bring new folks in.

lz said...

Awesome. This yoga really is something we have to be hooked on in our own time, but once we start to feel the benefits, there is no question that this practice is truly spectacular.

Johan said...

I have to agree. I've been scaling back my evangelism, instead focusing on just doing my classes and letting people notice the difference. Then we can invite them all to join us on the path.

What's interesting is the less I talk about it, the more people seem to talk about it for me.

Sisya, great quote.

Lady Yogaga said...

yep- this is definitely happening to me. and tomorrow my studio is hosting a community class where members' friends and family can come and take class for free. part of me wants to try and make everyone i know come! but i know that's not the way. i think most people need to have their own calling to this yoga. otherwise it won't stick. plus, i don't want to be the yoga bully :) but i figure that if i keep doing it, maybe my energy will be contagious and/or people i know will just get curious.

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