DAY 56: Smiling Eagle

Author: KT /

I have a new posture. I call it Smiling Eagle.


Because I can't (uh, correction: "at this time, I am unable to...") attempt Garurasana without smiling and, often times, a few giggles. It's either laughing or crying, so I chose the former.

After a feeble, yet respectable, attempt at twisting my arms like a rope and pull, pull, pulling my shoulders down....I hear the dreaded words.

"Sit down and cross your right leg over your left."

That sounds simple enough.

Just sit...down...and cross your right...leg....over your left.

I hesitate.

ok, sit down.
waaaayyyy down.

chest up.

leg over.

it's almost there, get it under my...
under my.
get it under my $&#!% calf !!!

By the time I see my own two eyes in the mirror, my body is practically facing the parking lot and falling over at the same time. Thus, the giggles commence!

Once again, our yoga lesson can be brought into everyday life. Point yourself in the direction you want to go and one day you'll get there. Progress happens gradually, then suddenly. I
f you don't show up, you might just miss it.

Sometimes inch by inch may be too grandiose a goal....for here in Bikram-world, we celebrate millimeters.


The Missus said...


I too have to laugh when attempting Eagle by crossing my left leg over my right... I have to twist my body to BARELY get my left foot under my right calf... And then, it is only by MILLIMETERS!

But when I do, it is a good day.

bikramyogachick said...

Ha! That's so cute! I have been practicing for three years and cannot wrap my damn legs either! Can totally relate to this!

thedancingj said...

Tonight there was a girl behind me in class who was on her 2nd or 3rd class and couldn't quite figure out how to wrap the arms in eagle. When the instructor came by and showed her how to cross her wrists, she got her palms right together, and her face lit up with the BIGGEST smile! I've never seen someone so delighted in the middle of yoga! I had to work really hard to stop from bursting out laughing, just cause it was SO damn cute!!

Sisya said...

"Point yourself in the direction you want to go and one day you'll get there."

I love this!

Beckie K. said...

Great post! Baby steps...

Amy Lynn Morris said...


aHappyYogi said...

I thought of this post today in class and must have done something new as my foot disapered behind my calf on both sides, i NEVER had got it so far behind before.

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