DAY 22: "All Is Coming"

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Here's a thought for the weekend.

Bikram has often said that when you do this yoga, when you can do these postures, then "you don't have to chase the world, world will chase you.  You don't have to chase the money, money will chase you.  You don't have to chase the Gods, the Gods will chase you.  *a pause*  You don't have to chase the chiropractor, chiropractor will come to you!"

Sri Pattabhi Jois, the late founder of Ashtanga yoga, is known for saying something similar: "Do your practice and all is coming."  I always loved that.  It's too similar to be coincidence.

We're a few weeks into our daily yoga challenge now.  For some of us, these are the first steps on a journey, but for many of us, this is the newest phase of a practice that was begun months or years ago.

So when you do your yoga practice.... do you find that things begin to "come" to you?  And does it feel like coincidence, or does it feel connected?  This is a huge question, and there are a million different ways it could be answered, but I suspect that all those million ways might be right.


Yolk E said...

I love that quote, too, but don't get me started on Patthabi Jois's booty-grabbing ways. I got a story!

Props to y'all who are doing the challenge! What commitment. I have increased my attendance to 4-5x/week since December but am not up to daily yet.

bikramyogachick said...

Oh, I have heard that Bikram quote before! I will be thrilled when world and/or money chases me. LOL!
I really hope you are going to blog during TT. Since you already know the dialog, I'm quite sure you will just be helping everybody else and will have GREAT stories for us! **hugs**

Johan said...

Yes I've definitely felt like that more then once since we started the challenge. Part of it feels almost magical. But part is much more logical, when you act on things solutions tend to appear. If you do nothing your world grinding to a halt is inevitable. We've been busy acting, but also busy meditating (conscious or subconscious) on what are goals and needs are and figuring out which once are possible. The mind likes knowing what the action plan is.

thedancingj said...

"I got a story." HAH. The same could definitely be said for BIKRAM... but we love these guys anyway. ;)

Side note to BYC: Yes yes yes, I'm planning on taking time on Sundays (the one day off!) for blogging. Since I've READ so many TT blogs, it only seems fair for me to contribute a little storytime once I'm in it myself. It just ain't gonna be a daily update thing... gotta leave SOME mystery for when YOU get there YOURSELF!!

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