DAY FIFTEEN: 60 Days in Oprah!

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For those of you who haven't seen this yet, Oprah's magazine "O" ran a gorgeous article in its January issue about the first 30 days of a woman's 60 Day Bikram Yoga Challenge.  The author of the article, Paige Williams, begins her challenge in a tough place: stressed, out of work, divorced, and 80 pounds overweight.  She needs more than just a "makeover."  In her own words: "I'm not a renovation; I'm a teardown. And I'm hoping Bikram is my bulldozer."

Paige's account of her first 30 days is clear, funny, and honest.  The article captures so much of what is essential to Bikram yoga: the sweat, the postures, the heat, the dialogue, an encounter with Bikram himself... and also the words of encouragement, the determination, the lifestyle shifts, and the quiet revelations, Paige's words may resonate with how some of our challengers are feeling right about now.  She writes:

"After 15 days, I am sore and discouraged and sick of being wringing wet, and I feel utterly overwhelmed by everything I'm supposed to remember, sometimes all of it at once: Lock your knee, contract your abdominal muscles, chin down, chest up, focus only on yourself in the mirror, quiet your breath, pulling is the object of stretching, if you're falling out of the posture you're not kicking hard enough, chin up, eyes open, let it go, just be here, have compassion for yourself, kick harder—kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick!"

I've read the article many times since it came out, and the story grabs my heart every time.  It's so compelling to watch someone set out on this path.  I can see her beginning her ascent, slowly but surely, dragging herself out of the muck, growing from what she has been into something so much stronger.  I can see the coming weeks and months laid out before her like a red carpet, leading her into her new life, as long as she just keeps walking forward.

The February issue (which apparently has hit some newsstands already) will give us the story of the second 30-day period.  By this point, Paige has already completed her 60 days and moved on to the next stage of her journey.  But still, every time I read the article I find myself sitting on the edge of my seat, cheering for her as urgently as I'd cheer for the Red Sox in the final game of the World Series.  Keep going, Paige!  You're right there!

The article was on display at both the studios I visited back in Boston, and it was great to see how enthused my teachers were about Paige's story.  I love this about our community.  We get so excited for every single person who taps into the power of Bikram's yoga.  They all matter to us.  Everyone is cheering, everyone cares.  They live for this kind of thing.  (Soon I will, too!  This is exactly why I'm heading to teacher training.)

The first part is here"O" Magazine: Transform Your Life In 60 Days

The next part is coming to newsstands very soon...


bikramyogachick said...

I too have read the article a few times. It's sitting on the coffee table in the summerlin studio. I love flipping through it before class and drinking in the inspiration. I too cheer for her like a giddy school girl again and again. I can't wait to read part two. Great post J!
I love the teardown comment, with Bikram as the bulldozer.
Great analogy!

aHappyYogi said...

I too have read the article a couple of times. It is a great one, I haven't seen it at the studio so I will print it out and bring it tomorrow.

AmyJ said...

Love the article too! I actually sent you guys an email about it to the gmail account. Did you get it? Starting to feel a little weird . . . .

Anyway, thanks for the post!

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