DAY 14: "Ass Muscles."

Author: Heather Molina /

There are 26 postures in the Bikram yoga beginning series. There are poses I love. And there are poses I struggle with each time. The one pose that gives me the most grief is Standing-Head-to-Knee.

I think most people (I imagine) have issues with that posture because of their back. Or maybe because they can't lock out their knee. Neither of those things are a problem for me though. I can lock my knee very easily and tightly on command. And lower back? The Bikram floor series healed that years ago. No... The problem I have in this pose - and the reason I fall out of it all the time - is due to ass muscles.

My ass muscles give out every time.

The locking of the knee... The tightening of the quad... The clenching of the bum muscle... Sucking in the core... All to help hold me up... It is TOO MUCH! I can go 20 seconds. Then my ass muscles - which are the biggest ones and thus burn the most - collapse.

It happened tonight, just like it does in every class lately.

"Missus!" called out the teacher this evening. "Is it your back?"

"No," I said back, loudly. "It's my ass muscles! They burn!"

She laughed. I think other people did too. It was hot. I don't exactly remember other people. She also told me that to prevent my ass muscles from burning so much, I needed to really bring all my weight into the front of my balancing foot. "Into the toe." And it helped! A lot!

This is one of the things I love about doing challenges... You come every day and you get small details that help evolve your practice.

Here's to my ass not burning so much tomorrow!


lz said...

"Ass muscles." Hilarious. Always good to get some humor in the hot room :)

Indeed, one of the best things about challenges is the small details that we start paying attention to. It helps so much!

Lizzy said...

Weird. My ass muscles burned last night too - only in floor bow though. My nemesis!

Christopher said...

I wish my ass muscles burned more. It's like my ass is just melting onto the floor...instead of my heart. Please assure me that my disappearing bum is temporary and all that Awkward will eventually bring back my backside. Maybe? Please? I hope so.

bikramyogachick said...

It's all for the glory of the "yoga butt". :)

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