DAY 29: A Plea For Healing

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Hi guys, BikramYogaChick here. I hope you are all feeling strong and peaceful after 29 days doing this amazing yoga. I know I am.

I found out two days ago that a good friend of mine, who I have known for ten years has breast cancer. It was not diagnosed during the normal course of mammograms. She has swelling of the arm and kept going back to the doctor until they figured out what was wrong with her. It had spread to her lymph node on the right side. So today, my dear friend, a lovely woman in her mid fifties who raised a wonderful man all on her own went in for surgery. Soon she will undergo chemo. So tonight I post on our group blog and ask all of you amazing wonderful yogis to send healing thoughts to my friend.
Tomorrow as we lay our mats down and honor our challenge by hitting our 30 day milestone, it would be wonderful if you could think of my friend** and send light, love and healing her way.......

**I have chosen not to reveal even her first name, as I promised her to keep this in confidence and I know some folks that run in the same circles as me read. I have faith though, that if you say "Michelle's friend" the powers that be will know where to direct your love and healing!


The Missus said...

Sending positive healing energy to "Michelle's Friend"! Thank you for continuing to remind us that our health is one of the main reasons (if not THE reason) we come to class each day.

peaceloveyoga said...

My Day 30 practice is dedicated to "Michelle's Friend"...sending positive energy, prayers & healing her way.

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