DAY 23: Take Advantage of Opportunities

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Today I had the opportunity to take Lynn Whitlow's class. There are some teachers that are commonly known throughout the Bikram community. Diane Ducharme. Craig Villani. Mary Jarvis. Lynn Whitlow. These are amazing senior teachers that are very well respected and well loved in our wonderful little community. I took Craig's seminar last year. It was an amazing experience and I learned alot about the postures.

Living in Las Vegas does have it's advantages. We are blessed with teachers passing through, especially now that TT was here in the fall and will be in the spring.
Lynne's class was amazing. She has great energy and a presence that commands the room. There were alot of teachers in there today and she kept on them. One teacher went to take a drink at an off time and she said "Nuh, uh!" He sheepishly put the water back down. The same instructor went to take a knee later and she said "Oh no you don't! I don't let teachers sit out postures!" The energy in that room with all of the instructors was off the charts. Unfortunately, the yoga truck was back for me today so I don't have any nuggets of Lynn wisdom to share with you as I was flat on my back with that darn truck parked on top of me for a good 30 mins of the class.
Next time your studio has a senior teacher visiting don't let the extra cost of attending prevent you from going. It's worth it, I promise!


Anonymous said...

Oh s**t! I thought I put the truck out of commission for awhile. Guess it just snuck back to the desert...
Sometimes the energy of the senior teachers class can be overwhelming instead of energizing - it has an exciting, yet nervous quality to it that is hard to explain - almost like everyone is trying too hard.
However I agree - take advantage when senior teachers come to town. Even take advantage of different teachers when they come to teach at your studio. There is always something new and refreshing to learn / hear (even over the roar of the yoga truck).

catherine said...

I took a class this past Monday with Diane Ducharme and a bunch of teachers (including one from Summerlin, I think?) who had been at Rajashree's seminar at Kripalu last weekend. I agree - the energy in that room was off the charts! It was my worst class in forever (probably something to do with the above-mentioned "exciting, yet nervous quality." well, mostly just nervous , for me), but I can't wait to find another class with a senior teacher. :)

thedancingj said...

Hee... reading all your comments... hopefully next time you all won't be nervous!! That DOES always kinda happen when you take class from a new teacher who you'e heard great things about. I nearly crapped my pants the first time I took Bikram's class, and now it's no biggie (well, kinda). I've taken Diane's class sooooo many times, and it makes me feel right at home, but then I took Mary Jarvis's class for the first time last month and was a little bit amped up in class just cause she was new to ME... and yes, because I wanted to make a good impression. Sigh.

Best thing to do? In my opinion... just KEEP GOING! :)

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