DAY 28: Choices

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Ok, so it's getting around it. I am a yoga freak. junkie. yogaholic. Call me what you will. My days are now planned around when I will I have clean yoga clothes, towel, water bottle? When will I eat, what will I eat? Nothing to eat within three hours of class, lots of water, a little G2. Better stop drinking any liquids a half hour before class...because you know what that means...and if I just HAVE TO leave the room, one of my favorite teachers may require me to do the "potty dance" when I return! Not pretty.

So, I started thinking about my habit. What if I had to stop doing my yoga?? (gasp!)

Not enough time, not enough money...what else could I give up instead?

Starbucks? No problem.

Yet another pair of Seven for all Mankind jeans? Of course.

Movies? Dinner with friends? Happy hour?

Sure. Yep. Affirmative.


I'm sorry, what?

Did someone just suggest me giving up my iPhone?

(THIS is supposed to hurt...concentrate, meditate...if iBlink my eyes, iMight just...)

But, I digress...

Surely, I could find a way to have BOTH my iPhone and my yoga. There is always a way! I'll decrease my minutes, but don't even THINK about denying me my unlimited texting. You know what they first, then yoga & iPhone are simultaneous, equal, 50-50.

But then I encountered the quintessential "ah-haaa" moment in my yoga practice. It was the 25th day of this Bikram 101 challenge, but I'm actually on my 54th day in a row (except-for-Christmas-Day-when-the-studio-was-closed-and-yes-I-did-a-double-to-account-for-it-but-that's-besides-the-point!).

So back to this was my strongest practice yet, silent & steady, sweating & struggling and even a few snickers, especially during eagle! I felt so incredibly focused, centered and peaceful that it hit me like a locked knee, lamppost, unbroken...YES, if it came down to it...I would make the choice to give up my iPhone to continue practicing Bikram Yoga.

For those of us who already experience a clear mind and strong body, while surrounded by amazing people, there is no need to explain. For those who are still wondering, we can simply guide by our actions and allow you to find your own way.


Johan said...

That is just hilarious. The family, yoga & iphone made my day. :-) That list would be fairly close to mine as well. I had this going through what I could happily get rid of in my flat mind game yesterday. This post reminded me a lot of that. Let me keep my laptop, iphone, wok (I guess I need some chopsticks as well) and yoga mat and I'd be happy. The rest can go, and it's likely I'd hardly notice.

Danielle said...

Thought provoking... I think we've all "given up" a lot during these challenges. But really we've gained 100 fold more than we've forfeited. Happiness, better relationships, inner peace, better eating habits... and of course, a nice yoga butt!

The Missus said...

I'm still working on my yoga ass. :(

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