DAY SIX: The Opening

Author: bikramyogachick /

It's only been six days and already we are bonding. Leaving comments on each others blogs, encouraging the non-blogger participants via the Facebook group. It's really great, this community we have built together. Already I can feel a group energy. Days one through three started off tough for many of us. Blog entries about illness, hangovers (Jan 1st of course!), creaky joints, tight hamstrings....heck, tight everything! We pushed on knowing we are at the very beginning of the challenge and that we just need to keep at it, day by day.

Then slowly it started to happen. Posts about solid practices. Slowly but surely we, as a group, started to get into the groove. We started to open, like a flower petal blooming.
Can you feel it? Ain't nothin' gonna breaka our stride!


thedancingj said...

Not to pat ourselves on the back TOO much when we are only 6% of the way in... but I think she's got a point here. :)

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