DAY 70: Paradoxical

Author: KT /


Why? They ask.

Why do you like that miserable, hot, sweaty yoga?


I'll tell you why.

It's quite a paradox, actually.

Bikram is...
my time alone & my time with friends.
my meditation & my motivation.
my support group & my individual therapy.
my stimulant & my Valium.
my realization & my lack of attainment.

it's a hobby & a habit.
it's leisure time & party time.
it's detoxification & intoxication.
it's strength & weakness.
it's success & failure.
it's relaxation & rejuvenation.
it's learning & growing.
it's determination & acceptance.

That's why.


Johan said...

Such a beautiful way with words. Thanks for that, I think I'll reuse it in my fund raising email for next Fridays event if you don't mind.

thedancingj said...

VERY nice. :)

bikramyogachick said...

What a nice way to put it! Awesome!

Beckie K. said...

you always seem to put into words exactly what i am feeling! love your posts.

Ladiladida said...


peaceloveyoga said...

Glad you all enjoyed this post, simply writing from the heart. And, yes, Johan, please use this or any other post for your fundraising efforts, etc.

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