DAY 82: Wherever You Go!

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I watched one of my all-time favorite short videos on YouTube last night, and it made me think of Bikram yoga.  It's the "Where the Hell is Matt?" video, in which this guy travels around the world and does the same silly dance everywhere he goes, with all the different people he finds.  Our yoga is similar in so many ways.  It's the same everywhere you go, and it speaks through a universal language - movement - that can bring people together regardless of age, race, gender, or anything else!

I've seen this many times and it still never gets old for me.  Enjoy!!  (It's definitely worth clicking through to YouTube and watching in full screen HD, by the way...)


The Missus said...

OL! I love Matt! I met him a couple of years ago at a Google Travel event in NYC. Very nice guy. Very inspirational. And he's cute.

Danielle said...

J, I've been having the hardest week, and this video just brightened it all up. This supposed "stress" that I think I have is so small, so minescule compared with LIFE. I mean look at how small we are in this enormous world of people. And we do have a common thread... life, breathing, moving. Imagine if we could all, at the same moment in time, do that dance. For that day, that moment in time, there would be peace, happiness and a unified deep breath.

cirita said...

I love this video. *Big smile on my face* I need to post it in my FB. I wonder what Matt does for a living besides "dancing". I want to join him!!

I also want to travel all over the world and visit as many Bikram studios as I can, notice similarities and differences, listen to the dialogue in all languages, take lots of pics, document the process.

It's already in the making btw ;) Although, I don't think I'll be going to Malaysia anytime soon. But who knows?

Thanks J

Janet said...

The video is lovely. By the way I practice Bikram in Austin, Texas.

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