DAY 79: Dwelling, Dreaming, & Concentrating…

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by: Heidi K.

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” --- Buddha

The individual journey that we all experience together in the Bikram Yoga room are each very unique, changing, and challenging and follow us outside the yoga studio, whether we like it or not. When we are in the hot room, we are to use our body over mind; to listen only to the teacher’s words and to allow our bodies to do as they say. It must be a tremendous thing as a Bikram Yoga teacher to watch so many people all in the same room all going through very different things at the same time and to have such influence on those experiences, encouraging patience, progress, and change.

The quote that I am sharing today is one we should all try and remember each and every time we set foot into the yoga studio (and every other place, for that matter.) When we are struggling through balancing postures, do not dwell in the past and give that second set all you’ve got. When we are feeling overheated and lightheaded, do not dream of the future posture coming up (in my case Camel!) We must remember to concentrate our minds on the present moment of where we are in each and every posture, whether we are able to fully balance in standing forehead to knee or not; in each and every way with our co-workers or family members, we must remember our breath and our yoga. Whether our forehead is touching the floor in separate leg stretching (or not), or whether we can or cannot “lock the knee” or are still working on that solid lamppost base, we must remain in the present.

What we must remember and be mindful of is that each and every day, whether it is a “good” or “bad” day, we are on this spectacular journey through our bodies and minds and are learning so much from our instructors, each other, and ourselves through each and every breath we take. This is our journey and we are so incredibly lucky to have found this path and to be able to experience its wonders together. Happy Bikram 101 yoga-ing!


Heidi, a Community Banker by day, lives in Portland, OR and practices at the SE Moreland Bikram Yoga studio. This is her fourth year at this studio and had practiced several years prior to finding her “yoga home.” This is Heidi’s first challenge and she hopes to one day attend teacher training and open her own Bikram Yoga studio to continue sharing her passion for this wonderful practice. She is inspired daily by all those that practice alongside her and loves discussing love, food, and life! You can follow her at her personal blog, Asanas, Sweat, Love, Life & Relationships.


Johan said...

This is exactly what was on my mind all day. Brilliantly put. :-)

Heidi said...

Hi Johan! It's amazing how this yoga practices helps remind us each day about remaining in the present. Thank you! Hope you are well.

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