DAY 77: Bikram Haiku

Author: KT /

Bikram Haiku:

mat down on the line
strong and silent in the heat
pleasure of the pain


Duffy Pratt said...

look in the mirror
leg should be solid concrete
lock the fucking knee

What can I say, I'm a dialogue kind of guy.

The Missus said...

LOL! I thought K's was good... But Duffy... Yours is AWESOME!!!!

AdurableHeart (Cassandra Nicholson) said...

This made me SO happy. Thanks friends!

Prodigal Yogini said...

I love you guys!

micheloquent said...

take a deep breath in
Poorna Salabhasana
and a deep breath out
who knew how much haiku is already present!

micheloquent said...

bikram makes me sweat
I drink coconut water
then go home to shit.

I'm haikuing and cannot stop now

The Missus said...

LOL! Hilarious Michelle!

micheloquent said...

wind removing pose
pleasant way to say fart stretch
but not as funny

My name is Michelle
I am a haikuing freak
and it's all your fault

thedancingj said...

BWAHAHA Michelle...

My favorite euphemism for "fart" that I've heard has got to be "release the wind gods." Same as wind-removing, but it is really evocative...

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